Adding mailing lists sucks, we are making it easier.

Integrate with any mailing list provider with a single API and work with forms which are actually built for developers.

You know the drill… your new client has emailed you asking to implement a mailing list to their website, you sigh heavily to yourself, “not this rodeo again”.

Even just getting access to the client's API key becomes a song and dance, then two weeks later they decide they want to change their mailing list provider, and you have to rip out all of the work you have done.

It shouldn’t be that time consuming, that’s why we are building Unite, a tool to make managing multiple mailing list providers easier.

Our goal is simple: Unite all the different provider APIs (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.) into a single portable API you can use anywhere, allowing you to build reusable components that can be plugged into any provider without changing your code.

If you hate rewriting code fill out the form below and we’ll get you early access.

What we're building

Email Provider API Unification

Integrate once, support any. An unified API for all the different email providers out there.

Email forms that actually integrate

Email forms that don’t suck. Easily-editable templates with full AJAX support. Finally.

Email list migration

Tired of manually importing CSV versions of your lists? Try our one-click migration!

Storing Subscription Status

Stop showing that subscribe form to already subscribed users!

Simple, secure API authorisation

Clients can grant you access in a single click, no more storing passwords.